• Deliveries will now cost you only Rs. 0.07/km


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    Sigma gives you the perfect experience with its accuracy in design and technically advanced features. With added innovation, these bikes will let you enhance your health and lifestyle.


    0-25kmph in 8 seconds.


    Sigma achieves 80 km to 120 km of range per charge.


    36V Li-ion battery with a 1-year warranty and charges from 20-80% in 3 hours.


    It gets charged from a regular domestic line that charges your smartphone!

  • Sigma E-Bike

    First delivery focused E-Bike in India

    All Terrain Tires

    Fat tires help the bike float through snow, sand, mud, and any terrain you may come across.

    Suspension Fork

    If the big bouncy 4’’/10cm wide Kenda fatbike tires were not enough to smooth your path, the suspension fork brings you unparalleled comfort not found on traditional rigid Fat Bikes. You will love the way this bike feels!


    Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) Japanese technology motors are a type of synchronous motor which is integrated with accelerator sensor at throttle grip. This motor controlled by state-of-the-art controller which is located below the battery box.

    Li-ion Battery

    Sigma uses revolutionary Lithium-ion technology for its battery packs.

    Disc Brakes

    Brakes are the most important safety feature of any vehicle. The Disc Brake helps you have complete confidence about your safety during the ride.


    The display helps you monitor the stats of the ride on the go. It indicates charge level, current speed, distance covered and much more.

  • Team

    Force behind Sigma

    Angad Singi


    Maker | Traveller | Biker | Mechanical | Lithos Motors | Hustle | Juggling Roles | Philosophy

    Aditya Ganjapure


    A Mechanical Engineer. Designing and developing more innovative, compact and efficient automobiles excites me.

    Mahendra Sengar

    Product Designer

    A mechanical engineer with a specialized diploma in Automobile Engineering. He made five vehicles for SAE competitions.

    Chinmay Changde

    Design Engineer


    Auto Enthusiast, Explorer, Mechanical Engineer, Bike rider who dreams of owning a SuperBike and is super interested technology. Follows MotoGP, Formula 1 and some Metal bands.

    Abhijit Bala

    Electronics Engineer

    Post Graduate in Electronic Systems from IIITDM with an industrial experience of three years, working on energy efficient products to make the world greener.